Box Tops for Education - New Digital Coupons

Box Tops for Education - New Digital Coupons
Posted on 10/28/2021
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Dear Woodside Parents:

As many of you have already noticed, General Mills is changing the way that it manages its "Box Tops for Education" fundraising program. Woodside Elementary School has received significant benefit from your past participation in Box Tops – over $29,000 over the many years! We hope that you will continue to help us summon these donations using the new system.

The transition to the new, totally digital collection of points will take a few months, so please bear with us.

If you have earlier versions of the Box Top from packages (see below) on your shelves, please clip them and send them in to school as usual.

If over the next few months you purchase a product in the store that still has one of the old coupons on it, please clip it AND ALSO scan your receipt as described below. Most brand names are awarding BOTH the receipt scan earnings and the traditional Clip earnings for a single item purchase during this time of transition!

To process the new, digital coupons, there will be no more clipping! But you must keep and scan you receipt from the grocery store, using the (free) app you have downloaded onto your smart phone. The new coupon "alert" on the package looks like this:

Once you have downloaded the app (see below) and designated Woodside Elementary School as your donation recipient, the scanning application will use your phone to scan the store receipt and automatically locate and record the eligible products. The app will then instantly credit the $.10 per item donation to our school.

You may start doing this today!

We have already collected over 2,200 box top credits so far and our goal is to have collected 10,000 by the end of the school year. Let’s put our tech-savvy (and scissor proficient) kids to work to cash in on every old and new coupon we can!

*Make sure you have selected the Woodside Elementary School in River Vale, NJ.  There are over a dozen Woodside Schools registered with Box Tops.  

Thank you in advance, and please don’t hesitate to e-mail if you have any questions.

Mr. Dan Beyer 

Box Top Coordinator

[email protected]

Steps for registering for Box Tops for Education (takes about 2-3minutes to complete)

Go to app store on your Apple or Android device and download the Box Tops for Education application.

1. Sign in if you already have an account, or quickly sign up for free (takes 30 seconds).

2. After you are registered, find Woodside School by searching by school name, town, or zip code.

3. Make sure you have selected the Woodside Elementary School.

4. Complete profile (takes 30 seconds).

5. Now you are all set up and ready to submit those Box Tops.

6. Scan your receipt from the grocery store and hit submit! That’s it!! It takes 5 seconds and is automatically added to the Woodside School Box Top account.

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